Having live string music on your wedding day can add a wonderful touch to your ceremony. Different, memorable, romantic - it lifts the occasion.

So where does a couple start? How can strings be woven into their special day?


Couples often ask us to play background music prior to their ceremony as guests arrive. The rich sounds of strings make a wonderful impression and having light background music playing can add to the occasion. We are usually asked to play 15-30 minutes before the formalities are scheduled to begin, depending on how early couples are expecting their guests to arrive.


Couples tend to request particular songs/pieces to be performed at the 3 main musical moments during the formalities. These are:

1. Processional (aisle walk)

2. Signing the register

3. Recessional  (couple presented/exit music)

Other possible moments for music could include during the grooms entrance, a candle lighting/tree planting ceremony, communion or cake cutting. We are happy to suggest pieces if you'd like help. Please see our music list for inspiration.


The following moments provide further opportunities for string music at your wedding:

  • After the ceremony during an informal period of canapes and mingling

  • Bridal party entrance

  • During a meal

  • First dance