The team at Stella Strings have been playing at weddings, conferences and events for a long time now. Each of our players bring over 20 years of experience in the industry.

We are Hamiltonians, and among us you'll find lovers of good coffee, chocolate, cake and yoga. You'll find beach lovers, book readers, rugby watchers, gardeners, bee and chicken-keepers. 

We have been friends and colleagues in orchestras, since school and university days.

We are classically trained musicians who take pride in creating a sound that thrills our skin, and we would love to share our music with you and your guests.


Player Bios

Melody Gumbley

Melody graduated in performance violin from Victoria University, before further study in Detmold, Germany. She has orchestral experience performing with the Auckland Philharmonia,  Detmolder Kammerorchester, Ensemble Vinorosso and currently plays with Opus Orchestra. She enjoys being a violin teacher and a mother of two!  


Rosalind Oliver

The cellist in the pack, Ros studied her instrument to Masters level at uni before passing on her skills to others through teaching. She's played in the Auckland Philharmonia, and currently plays in Opus Orchestra. Ros is proud of the fact that she's put out 2 fires at different gigs - first at a wedding when the registry tablecloth was burning, and the other at a memorial service when it was a little bit more serious...


Trudi Miles

Violinist and respected Suzuki teacher Trudi is well known to Hamilton audiences. She studied her craft at both Auckland and Waikato universities to honours level. She has experience performing in the Auckland Philharmonia and has led both Opus Orchestra and the TWSO. She currently plays with Opus Orchestra.

IMG_Chris cropped square8433.jpg

Chris Nation

Violist Chris, studied at Waikato university and is a well seasoned performer. It turns out that he took up the viola as there were none around to perform at weddings with his family quartet. Chris performs with Opus Orchestra and is an experienced music teacher in schools across the Waikato.